History of the ErgieShovel

Once you pick it up you won't want to put it down.

The Ergieshovel is an innovative two handled snow shovel designed to make shoveling snow easier on your back. The original shovel was created in my Westfield garage, with the assistance of my brother in Agawam a few short years ago. The idea was inspired shortly after viewing an elderly person shoveling snow; bending over and straightening back up, obviously in pain. The Ergieshovel began with that desire in mind; to create a long lasting ergonomically correct, easy to use snow shovel that allows the user to shovel snow efficiently with far less lower back pain.

The first small production run of Ergieshovels was produced in Westfield, Massachusetts with plastic parts provided graciously from another Massachusetts company and financial assistance from my family. It was extremely important to me for it to be “Made in USA”. I introduced the shovel to Columbia Manufacturing in late 2014 as I was referred to them by a few friends after encountering some production setbacks. They were happy to assist with producing the steel shaft weldments and powder coating, and I was able to produce a small production run. They were offered for sale in late 2014 and in early 2015. A friend, who was also a local investor, was inspired to bring the shovel to the masses, as he believed strongly in the concept after using it himself. Ergieshovel, LLC was created in early 2015 and we have since improved the shovel using our own newly designed D-grips and shovel blades, built of very high quality materials which will give you years of use.

We hope you enjoy many years of shoveling snow with your new Ergieshovel!