See What Customers Have to Say About Their New Ergieshovel!

I am 32 years old and have had spine surgery on my disk between L4/L5. I was looking for a shovel that would take it easy as possible on my back. I’ve had regular shovels and I’ve tried the bent handle ones that supposedly make it easier.

They’re all the same you have to bend to lift. I have used the ergieshovel on two heavy snowfalls now. No bending over to get leverage to lift and with two handles your upper body does the work, didn’t even feel any soreness in my back. This shovel is definatly worth it! I got this thinking it was a gimmick like most things these days, this is one thing that is not and actually does what it claims!

Erik S.

My son was the first to use it and told me how he thought it worked great. He could shovel a lot faster with more ease. My husband bought one this year. I have to say it works. I could throw the snow further with less effort. My back usually ached for a few days after shoveling and to my surprise it didn’t after using the Ergieshovel. Can’t say we’re looking forward to the next storm, but cleanup will be a lot easier.

Gail M.

The Ergieshovel is amazing! I normally have to take a lot of breaks when tackling the drivewaybecause of how much it hurts my back. With this, not only can I do the whole thing in one go,but I never feel the pain. Even the day after, I’m not sore.

Marsha L.

This is by far the most convenient way to shovel that I have ever tried. It has just the right feelto take all the pain out of clearing the driveway. You can feel the quality the very first time you throw some snow.

Patrick G.

Being tall, I used to dread clearing the driveway, because of how much I had to bend and hunch over. With the Ergieshovel I remain upright, and it doesn’t make my back ache at all…unlike those ergonomic shovels I’ve been tricked into buying all these years. DO yourself a favor, get one of these and never feel that ache again.

Brian M.